Magic Spell Jar Post Two (6-10)

Look for the Spell jar instructions under Craft

6. Do, Due, Dew

Do means to accomplish something.  As did you do your homework?

Due means it is time for, as in your homework is due on Friday. It can also mean “because of”: the grade you got on the homework was due to sloppy handwriting.

Dew is the moisture (but not rain) that forms on the grass overnight. Dew drops sometimes glisten like diamonds.

Sometimes people try to be clever.  People often say. “Do drop in to see me when you are in town.”  Café owners sometime make a “play on words” and name their business Dew Drop Inn.  When I was a kid a café in Badger went by that name.  All these years later I still see it used but mostly in novels.

7. Elegant and eloquent.

I recently read an article in which the author referred to an eloquent gown.  Unless that dress could talk, it should be an elegant gown.

Elegant means lovely but more, kind of like a royal lovely.

Eloquent means well worded, like an eloquent speaker or an eloquently written piece.  Poetically, the beauty of nature can be eloquent since that beauty “speaks” to poets.

8. Fair, Fare

These words sound alike but do not have similar meanings.

Fair is a festival but also means pleasing to the eye or nice, as in fair of face, and fair weather

Fare is an amount you pay for a ride in a taxi, bus, or ferry

Look them up for other meanings; there are many.

9. Heart, Hearth

These words sound similar.

Arguably, your heart is the most vital organ in your body, which may be why people use the phrase “the heart of the matter” when referring to the core idea.

Hearth is pronounced similarly but with a “th” sound at the end.  It is part of a working fireplace, the apron in front.  This is not used much these days but you may see it in historical novels, such as hearth and hob. The hearth is a place to warm people, while the hob is a place to keep pots and pans warm.

A bread company used to make a type of bread with hearth in its name.  Nearly everyone called it hurth bread.

You may have heard the adage, “Home is where the heart is.”  Do you think it began as “Home is where the hearth is?”  Either would seem appropriate.

 10. Heard, Herd

These words sound alike, but have entirely different meanings.

Heard is when you hear something and is spelled with an ear in it.

Herd is a group of animals, but not all animals run in herds.  Wolves, for instance, run in packs. And unicorns run in blessings.

You should look up a list of animal gatherings.  Some are really interesting – like gaggle of geese or a murder of crows.  A really funny tee shirt shows two crows on a line and reads “attempted murder.”   I love it.

What is a group of dragons called?  Apparently dragons be a can be a rage, a clan, or a weyr (pronounced weer). If they are winged dragons you can also call them a flight. Pick the one you like. The Pern books (my all-time favorite fantasy series by Ann McCaffery) uses weyr.

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