Magic Spell Jar Post Six (26-30)

     26. Sight, Site, Cite – these all sound alike but have different meanings

  • Sight is the function of your eyes or sometimes what you see, like “What a sight he was in his swimming trunks.”
  • Site is a place.  The site on which the house was built.  The construction worker went to the site of his job.  Or you may go to a web site, never a web sight, although people often mistakenly spell it that way.  Don’t you do it, now that you know the difference.
  • Cite is what the police do to people who are caught speeding.  They stop you and cite you for your reckless driving.  The document they serve you with is a citation.

     27. Stationery, stationary: These words are often confused.

  • Stationery refers to writing supplies, usually paper for writing letters.  Letter and stationery both have the letter “e” in them.
  • Stationary:  means it stays in a place, doesn’t move

     28.  Then and than are often confused although they don’t sound the same.

  • Then sounds like ehn. Then refers to time.  After this happened, then that happened.
  • Than sounds like ann and is a comparison word.  As in greater than or nicer than.   Usually you should not use it with different.  Usually you would say different from.

      29.  There, Their, They’re These are so often confused and yet are not that hard if                 you concentrate for a couple of minutes.

  • There is a place, like I set it there. There has here in it which is also a place.
  • Their (related to they) is a possessive pronoun for more than one person.  Their dresses were similar.
  • They’re is a contraction for they are, like they’re all going to the movie.

                 HINT – a spelling tip from one of my favorite composition instructors:  All                          three begin with the.

     30. Tome, Tomb

  • Tome is a large book.
  • Tomb (with a “b”) is a burial place. Tombif you bury someone they should be dead.


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