Magic Spell Jar Post Eleven (41-45)

41. Tear, Tear, Tare

Tear with an ear sound TEER is a droplet of moisture from your eye. I laughed so hard a tear ran down my legs.

Tear with an air sound means to rip. Don’t tear the page from that book.

Tare is also pronounced with an air sound. It is the weight of the packaging of an item. If you are weighing a steak, you need to deduct the tare weight before pricing.

 42. Right, Write, Rite

Right means correct. Or it can mean a position: The right answer can be found in the first chapter. Your right side is opposite your left side. I have seen the left side referred to as the sinister side.

Write is to mark something down on paper or other substance. You can write in steam or frost on your window pane.

Do you write right on the wet cement with your right hand? Confusing?

Rite is a ceremony, often religious but not always.  Baptism is a rite. Use this spelling in the common phrase “rite of passage” referring to a coming of age encounter or act.

43.Peak, Peek, Pique

Pique is also pronounced like peek. It means slight anger or a bad mood or a snit. Or to put someone in such a mood or create an interest in something. The song piqued an interest in bongo drums. In a fit of pique, he threw the pen to the floor.

Peak is the uppermost, like a peak of a mountain.

Peek is to look, usually furtively.

Early in the morning the sun will peek over the mountain peak.

44. Shoe, shoo

Shoe is what you wear on your foot.

Shoo is to chase out, usually gently.

Recently I read a line that went, “He was a shoe in.” It conjured a picture of a boot thrown into a circle. Of course, the writer should have said, “He was a shoo in,” meaning an easy win of a contest or election.”

45.  Site, Sight

Site is a place, like a contstruction site or a web site.

The site had a long and goofy address;

Sight has to do with vision.

The sight of the snow made me shiver, although I was in a nice warm room looking through a window.


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