Halloween Project – Magic Spell Jar Directions

I’m thinking of making a “magic spell” jar for the grandkids for Halloween. 

Would be fairly simple:

  • Decorate a jar with Halloween colors and images – Use one with a mouth wide enough to dip into with hands
  • Label it magic spell jar
  • Drop in slips of “spells” – Just print the spells found under  “pages” to the right then click “Magic Spell Jar” and clip apart (one number per slip), which usually have two or three words bold words and a discussion of the words
  • Include instructions for removing one spell per day.

It is important to do one spell per day so the kids do not become overwhelmed or bored. Like magic most of the hints will stay with you, if you make a point of using the words two or three times on the day pulled.

Easter Craft

I’m really not much of a crafter, so the things I try are usually quite simple. I like Ink projects — making computer generated cards and such, but do try other things once in a great while.

My grandchildren live at a distance and are getting older. Even if they were young enough to get excited about an Easter basket, mailing baskets just doesn’t work well. So I  wanted to do something small, easy to mail, and different.

I’ve been saving items to re-purpose, which seems to be popular in crafting circles. Since we open our cans with an under-the-rim can opener, we have no sharp edges and the lids snap back on. So here’s what I did:

 2014-04-15 001

You need: Some vegetable cans with lids than snap on, computer, printer, paper, photo for the label, scissors, glue – I used a hot glue gun. I made one can for each grandchild.

2014-04-15 006

The labels read:

FRONT – (over the photo) – Gramma’s, Pickled Chicks, Easter Delicacies, NET WT – unknown, Fat Free – not, Cholesterol Free – not.

LEFT SIDE – Distributed by: GRAM INK, Inc with love, City, State, email address, web site address, “A few treats and a healthy dose of love”, Expiration Date: The treats won’t last long. The love is forever!

RIGHT SIDE – Nutrition Facts, Servings per container: 1, Calories: 2 many, Total Fat: 2 much, Sodium: 2 much, Healthy Stuff: 2 little, Love: A Whole Lot, Happy Easter

Printing the labels: I made labels with the computer using Word. I used an unmarked photo I found on Pinterest. Thank you to the unknown photographer. Center the photo on the label leaving room for the “ingredients, nutrition, etc. on each end. Just make up some funny things for that information. I used text boxes to place the text, both on the photos and on the ends.

2014-04-15 005        2014-04-15 004

This is to illustrate each end. There should be no split.

Trim to size: The total size of the labels I made were 41/8 inches by 81/4 inches. I had to trim the length on some of them to avoid gluing over any text at the joining. You will want to overlap a little but not over text.

Glue to can: After trimming to size and making sure they would not overlap the text, I hot glued at the joining.

Fill, close, and ready to mail: I filled with a few treats in a sandwich bag, added a little cash, popped the lid back on, and they were ready to package for mailing to the Grandkids.


A Blurb for The Time Travelers

Published. TTHE TIME TRAVELERS - 2000ext version is available at Blurb.com (search Eunice Korczak).

Digital version is available at:

FREE at Smashwords (Nook & Kindle) 

Free at Barnes & Noble (Nook)

The Time Travelers: A Christmas Story – Five kids accidentally travel through time to see Grandma as a kid. They meet Grandma as a kid and even go Christmas fooling with her, but cannot reveal who they are because they “Must not disrupt the flow of time.” Grant, Will, Mady, Garrett,and Leyton accidentally travel through time to see Grandma as a kid. Grandma’s present house is on a magical node, which facilitates their time travel. They meet Grandma as a kid and even go Christmas fooling with her, but cannot reveal who they are because they “Must not disrupt the flow of time.” Grayson helps cover the deed.


The Family In Their Time Traveler’s Shirts

I wrote The Time Travelers for the grandkids for a Christmas present (in print format) a couple of years ago. The evening I gave them the books they spontaneously began reading it out loud and continued taking turns around the room until the entire book was read. No matter what I publish, no matter how many favorable reviews I may receive, no compliment will equal that!


This book was written about and for my grandchildren who have extensive vocabularies. Preteen with some big words. About 10,000 words.

Review from Smashwords site:

Review by: Nadia on Feb. 24, 2014 :
This was beautiful. I wanted to time travel myself lol.

If you’ve read it, you are welcome to leave a review in the comment area below.