The Prophesy from The Six and the Magic Circles

The prophesy

from The Six and the Magic Circles

“At a juncture in time, the Land of the Faery and the Land of the Humans shall be threatened by loss of the Golden Flowers, even unto extinction. In that day, hope of survival for Faery and Human alike will be Six coming unto us in magic. The Six will face untold dangers in their quest for the Golden Flowers. Survival of The Six and survival of the two worlds depends on The Six and on their ability to wield the magic of the golden circles of beauty. The Six must find the circles lost to the ages and claim the magic therein. The Six claim the circles and the circles claim The Six. Never-the-less, without the wisdom of The Six, the circles are of no import. The strength of the link between the two worlds is such that Human and Faery will survive together with the Golden Flowers or perish together without the Golden Flowers. All, all depends upon the abilities of The Six.”

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